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Customer opinions

2 months after delivery of the weight blanket, our customers receive the opportunity to share their experiences with us by email. Read the testimonials in peace. If you own a Von Schösser weighted blanket yourself and would like to share your opinion, then get in touch with our customer service.  
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07/03/2020 - Larissa W. from Vegesack (verified)
"I feel very comfortable under the covers. The weight sounds worse than it is. Putting on the covers is a bit different, but it is almost as fast."
June 12th, 2020 - Christoph S. from Berlin (verified)
"The blanket is good quality, warm enough in winter and very comfortable. I always sleep with the blanket on."
04/04/2019 - Isa B. from Nuremberg (verified)
"I've been sleeping great since then. Even weight distribution. I washed the cover beforehand, and after washing it is just as fluffy and comfortable as before."
05/14/2020 - Jan R. from Würzburg (verified)
"From ordering to delivery: everything went really well! Therapy blanket: Does what it promises, bought babe 3 for my entire family. Excellent quality, thank you"


March 9th, 2020 - Fynn G. from Berne (verified)
"My son has been using the blanket for months and is super satisfied. Great height and weight. He used to wake up eight times a night and now he's only one or two times. The price is fair in comparison, would always be from this brand buy again. "
8/22/2020 - Susanne F. from Düsseldorf (verified)
"A piece of quality of life!"
November 15, 2019 - Henrik O. from Dortmund (verified)
"I ordered the blanket for my wife. She sleeps more calmly and much longer. Great size, because two people can fit underneath it. Weight also great. Shipping was quite long at 5 working days ..."
29.12.2019 - Sophie J. from Hamburg (not verified)
"I sleep much better with my blanket and feel good with the weight."
01/01/2020 - Maria V. from Dorsten (verified)
"I saw the type of ceiling at Galileo, but I think the price is too expensive. This one is of the same quality and much cheaper. Great support, I paid by bank transfer because I couldn't pay online."
08/12/2019 - Paul K. from Ühren (not verified)
"Our family shares the blanket. Simply great when you want to cuddle up on the sofa. The weight makes you hug. Great!"
04/03/2019 - Ulrich N. from Bremen (verified)
"Weight is right, size is great."
April 17, 2020 - Simone A. from Krefeld (verified)
"The cover is really well thought out, the cover does not slip thanks to the small loops. Super cozy and warm."
December 18, 2019 - Isa P. from hamburg (verified)
"Great and fast support"
11/23/2019 - Hannah W. from Bavaria (verified)
"Weight is distributed extremely evenly. The many small chambers ensure that the glass beads stay where they belong. The flannel cover is super washable, but you should be careful with the temperature."
05.10.2019 - Oli T. from Grünwald (verified)
"I think the blankets are great. I work in shifts and had serious problems falling asleep. Deep sleep is better possible or helps to fall asleep and sleep in totally :) Since I've been using this blanket, I have measured via the app that my sleep has improved. Thank you thank you thank you :) LG Oli. "
April 2nd, 2020 - Frederike H. from Emmerich am Rhein (not verified)
"Fast delivery and blanket as described."
January 9th, 2020 - Eric D. from Vienna (verified)
"Shipping went wonderfully. The ceiling has no unpleasant odors and can be used immediately. But air it out on the balcony once a week."
01.03.2020 - Jolie B. from Dortmund (verified)
"Also super comfortable without a cover. However, you should note that you cannot just wash the blanket, every washing machine will go on strike." 
06/13/2019 - Fenja O. from Strümp (verified)
"I have significantly deeper phases of deep sleep and am therefore more rested. It feels like my general mood has improved since using the blanket and I am more balanced."
08/12/2019 - Hanna T. from Aachen (verified)
"I got used to the ceiling very quickly, a cozy, cozy sleeping experience!"
16.12.2019 - Paula I. from Krefeld (verified)
"Its own weight is super comfortable, as if you were being hugged all the time. Price-performance is convincing at first glance when you look at blankets of comparable quality."
December 25, 2019 - Leon S. from Munich (verified)
"I won't give up the blanket anymore .. I'm more relaxed in the morning and can sleep longer. The panic attacks at night have gotten significantly better."
01/07/2020 - Anton C. from Hamburg (verified)
"A dream to fall asleep in and worth every penny. Improved wellbeing!"
11/24/2019 - Julia H. from Bottrop (verified)
"High-quality material, well thought-out details and great workmanship. The inlets in the flannel cover are great! The sleeping climate is ideal for both seasons, at least I've never had a problem with summer or winter. Important additional information, the glass beads make no noise now another problem ... you don't want to get up in the morning .....😇"