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Studies show that weighted blankets show positive effects after just a few weeks in the case of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. The heavy blankets encourage the release of the hormone serotonin and reduce stress levels. Laying on the therapy blanket creates a warm feeling of security and wellbeing. Your whole body relaxes, your stress and anxiety levels drop and you can sleep better.

Our blanket weighs 7.5kg, with the total weight evenly distributed over 3qm2 (200cm x 150cm). With a corresponding weight, the release of the happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin are promoted and the cortisol level (a so-called stress hormone) is reduced. This makes the body and nervous system more relaxed. 
Due to the weight, deep sleep phases are reached faster, which has a positive effect on your sleep. It also helps you relax on the couch, watch TV, or read. Sufficient recovery of body and mind, which can be achieved by increasing the quality of sleep and intensive relaxation, undoubtedly has a positive effect on health and professional life. Using the blanket can reduce stress levels, solve sleep problems and increase productivity. Calmness and balance take the place of irritability and inner restlessness.

Advantages of therapy blankets

Therapy blankets have many advantages that people with very different problems can benefit from significantly. This mainly includes health problems that are directly or indirectly related to sleep.
In addition to stress and sleep disorders, diseases such as ADHD and panic attacks often have an impact on sleep and often impair well-being and the social environment. 
Bad sleep is not only a challenge for your own well-being, but also for your health in general. During sleep, the body goes through important processes for the regeneration of the nervous system, brain and cells. What is experienced and learned from the day is also processed in sleep. Not only the length of sleep, but also the sleep efficiency plays a major role. Restless sleep and frequent awakenings interrupt these processes, which limits the ability to concentrate and perform well.


A therapy blanket can promote sleep. The weight of the therapy blanket acting on the body leads to a state of relaxation. Sleep hormones are released through the gentle pressure and help you fall asleep more quickly. This can significantly improve the quality of sleep and all of the problems associated with it.
Using the weight blanket is intuitive and straightforward. The therapy blanket can be used while sleeping as well as during daily rest and should be your constant companion in everyday life. 


  • Aggression and loss of control due to a decline in brain performance can be reduced through improved sleep and ultimately through the weight of the therapy blankets. 
  • Counteracts overstimulation and hyperactivity through more balance. 
  • Satisfaction and serenity can be stimulated by weight.
  • Fear and panic situations can be better controlled and reduced.
  • Switching off and relaxing your body is facilitated by a directed blanket. 
  • Better sleep generally has a positive and beneficial effect on your work and everyday life. 
  • Promotes falling asleep and has a relaxing effect on your body and mind.


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